Dark Lunacy - Afraid (lyrics)

I know this is difficult, Mary
That's why we're here to help, right?
I miss Peter
I miss him so much

Mary, I want you to try to remember what happened 22 years ago, on Christmas night in Lowel
That's where we grew up?
Yes, tell me what happened that night in Lowel
Nothing happened
Mary, something DID happened, that's why we have this sessions, to help you remember, so [unknown words because of cry]
No! Oh my... I remember...
File note: Patient shows extreme agitation. She is putting her fingers in her mouth...Mary? Mary?
Have you seen my doll, Mr doctor?

Who am I speaking with?

It is from the film "Session 9". The girl no longer sais "Have you seen my doll, Mr doctor?", but there is something about that place that make people go mad. No more spoilers, go search and see it :)

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